Sunday, January 9, 2011

Taboo Subject or Not, Overpopulation is the World's Biggest Threat

For a while it was talked about. But now, once again, overpopulation seems to have become a taboo topic. But with the populations of China, India and Indonesia all around the one billion mark, the time for such coyness is long past. China's one child policy is fine in its own way. But what is needed is population reduction. Despite what many people say food production is not the main problem resulting from too many people. The real problem is the utilisation of the world's finite resources - metals, fuels and so forth.

Ultimately unless mankind starts to control its population the world's resources will unable to sustain that population.

The time to start talking and debating and planning is NOW.

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  1. Hi Perry,

    I strongly agree.I have recently finished researching most of the first world countries policies on the aging population and the problems it will cause and from there looked into climate change. They are predicting a huge reduction in population over the next 50 years due to these two issues. Unfortuately the loss of life that is predicted due to weather issues will also impact on wildlife. From what I have read it is the third world immerging countries which are predicted to have the biggest loss of life numbered in the billions from memory. How much do you think the world needs to reduce its population? The devastation and suffering that climate change will cause and is already causing, is a brutal way for the population to fall. I haven't looked into the predicted increases in birth of those countries so don't know how this balances out. What remedies are you suggesting. In China there will be a large group of males who will not be having children in the future due to the imbalance of the sexes. If countries like India don't allow some of their population to have children , how would that be done by ballot? They would than have to sort out who looks after the childless elderly, the government there have already passed a law making it illegal to abandon elderly relatives as their were cases of neglect.